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These terms and Conditions of Use, and Privacy Policy, regulate the use according to Law 34/2002, with the update of, 05/09/2023, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce of the, WEBSITE: https://milola.com, of which, MILOLA GLUTEN FREE SL, hereinafter, MILOLA, with NIF: B66724998, Commercial Registry of: BARCELONA, Volume: 45300, Folio: 48, Section, 8, Page: B-483376, with Address at: VAPOR GORDILS,17, (POL. MATA-ROCAFONDA), Postal Code: 08304, Location: MATARÓ, Province: BARCELONA, is the owner.


Through its WEBSITE, https://milola.com, of which MILOLA is the owner and administrator, of the online marketing and sale of products without gluten, without dairy, without refined sugar and with whole grains.


The Website: https://milola.com, may host advertising or sponsored content. Advertisers or sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the information they display on this website complies with the laws that may be applicable in each case. MILOLA will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be contained in the advertising or advertising content of sponsors.


MILOLA has a Newsletter for the promotion and information of our services to our clients who wish to do so, who must subscribe in the form we have on the website and register using their email and accept the Conditions of Use and Privacy of our website. This service uses the technological solutions of the MILOLA company. In this sense, by explicitly accepting the Conditions of Use and Privacy, the user accepts that their data will be processed for said service.


The administrator of the website will do everything possible to resolve all doubts and procedures requested from all USERS, as soon as possible when requesting queries.

However, sometimes, and for reasons that are difficult to control by the website administrator, such as human errors or incidents in computer systems, it is possible that the speed finally served to USERS is not adequate to manage the information. requested sales.

In the event that the purchase management is not available or the registration process cannot be completed, after having carried out the management in the sales form, the USER will be informed by email of the total cancellation of the purchase. This process.


The WEBSITE: https://milola.com, has the maximum security measures commercially available in the sector. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit to 256-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible and understandable by the USER’s device and that of the WEBSITE., in this way, by using the SSL protocol, “Secure Socket Layer”, the predecessor of the protocol, TLS, “Transport Layer Security”, which are cryptographic protocols that provide privacy and integrity in secure communications over a communication network , commonly the Internet, which guarantees that the information transmitted by said network cannot be intercepted or modified by unauthorized elements, guaranteeing that only legitimate senders and receivers are those who have access to the communication in its entirety, which is guaranteed:

  1. That the USER is communicating their data to the server center of the website administrator and not to anyone else who tries to impersonate them.
  2. Between the USER and the server centre of the website administrator, the data is transmitted encrypted, preventing its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.



USERS are fully responsible for their conduct, when accessing the information on the WEBSITE while browsing it, as well as after having accessed it.

As a consequence, USERS are solely responsible before the administrator of the website and third parties for:

1.- The consequences that may arise from the use, for purposes or effects that are illicit or contrary to this document, of any content of the WEBSITE, whether or not prepared by the administrator of the website published under his or her name officially.

2.- As well as the consequences that may arise from use contrary to the content of this document and harmful to the interests or rights of third parties, or that may damage, render useless or deteriorate the WEBSITE, or prevent normal enjoyment by other users.

The administrator of the website reserves the right to update the contents when it deems appropriate, as well as eliminate, limit or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently, as well as deny access to THE WEBSITE to USERS, that misuse the contents and/or breach any of the terms and conditions that appear in this document.

The administrator of the website informs that it does not guarantee:

a).- That access to the WEBSITE and/or the linked websites is uninterrupted and error-free.

b).- That the content or software to which USERS access through the website or the linked websites does not contain any errors, computer viruses or other elements in the content that may cause alterations in your system or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system or cause other types of damage.

c).- The use of the information or content of the WEBSITE, or link websites that USERS could use for their personal purposes.


Therefore, the administrator of the website recommends that the USER carefully read the conditions and terms of use each time they access the WEBSITE.

USERS will always have these terms and conditions of use in a visible place, freely accessible for any queries they wish to make.


The administrator of the website does not assume any responsibility derived from, by way of example but not limitation:

1.- The use that USERS may make of the WEBSITE or link websites, whether prohibited or permitted, in violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

2.- Possible damages to the USERS, caused by normal or abnormal operation of the search and location tools for content and/or access to the WEBSITE, of the errors or problems that are generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements available in the WEBSITE.

3.- Of the content of those pages that USERS can access from links included in the WEBSITE, whether authorized or not.

4.- Access by minors (16 years old) to the contents included in the THE WEBSITE, being the responsibility of their parents or guardians, such as having any of the tools to control Internet use in the sending of personal data without the prior authorization of their legal guardians.

The administrator of the website will not be responsible in any case when:

a.- Errors or delays in accessing the WEBSITE, by the USER, at the time of entering your data in the registration form, the slowness or impossibility of receipt by the recipients of the purchase confirmation or any anomaly that may arise when these incidents are due to problems on the Internet network, causes of fortuitous event or force majeure and any other unforeseeable contingency beyond the good faith of the website administrator.

b.- Errors or incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions, so that it is not guaranteed that the website services are constantly operational.

c.- Errors or damages caused to the website due to inefficient and bad faith use of the service by the USER.

d.- Of non-operability or problems in the electronic address provided by the USER, for sending confirmation of purchases made.

Likewise, the administrator of the website has the right to carry out promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new users in its online service.


The administrator of the website has all rights over the content, design and source code of this page and WEBSITE, and, in particular, but not limited to.

USERS are warned that these rights are protected by current Spanish and international legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property, Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, last modification, 30(03/2023.

Directive-EU-2019/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 17, 2019 on copyright and related rights in the digital single market.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the content of the WEBSITE is also considered a computer program, therefore, all current Spanish and European Community regulations on the matter also apply.

The administrator of the website informs that it does not grant a license or implicit authorization on intellectual and/or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included in the WEBSITE: https:// milola.com.

The use of the contents of the web domain is only authorized for information and service purposes, provided that the source is cited or referenced, with the user being solely responsible for any misuse of the same.

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