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Mar 11, 2021 | What you don't see | 0 comments

Choosing the name of your own brand is not an easy task, yet we were clear about it from the moment we thought of embarking upon this adventure. Today we reveal to you why we are called Milola.

A high percentage of people take it for granted that someone on the team must be called Lola, but that’s not true. Milola’s founders are called Manuela and Yolanda, and yes, we are sisters. Our mother was not called Lola either, her name is also Manuela./span>

So I’m going to tell you the story of Milola’s name, and even though you might be thinking cookies, this tale is almost a short novel: a past war, a story of deep sisterly love, even a wedding.

Sit back and relax


So many years have passed already since I first heard my auntie Beni say the words “My Lola”. She wasn’t telling me, though. She was telling my mother.

I didn’t meet my auntie Beni until I was 12 years old. I’d heard about her my entire life, of course. So much so that her figure was almost epic to me.

I finally met her when she came to Barcelona to attend my brother’s wedding. I am the younger of 9 siblings. Yes, you read it right.

My mother cared for my auntie Beni since the moment she was born, when mum was just a little girl. My grandfather was killed during the Spanish civil war, and my grandmother was left to suffer the consequences and care for three children on her own. She worked hard, and it was my mum who was left to care for her siblings.

As you can imagine, these two sisters shared a unique bond.

It is precisely that bond which gives its name to our brand. Milola came to me the same day I met auntie Beni, right beforemy brother’s wedding.

I heard those words for the first time while spying at them through a narrow gap on the living room door. I was hiding in the corridor, fascinated by the scene I was watching.

The afternoon sun rested on the sofa where they were both sitting, arms and legs intertwined, giggling like little children. They had not seen each other in years, since my mum moved to Barcelona for work from their native Extremadura.

Their reunion was my first encounter with Milola.

As I watched through the door how they cuddled and giggled I heard my auntiesay with such love:

Oh, My Lola, My Lola. 

A voice that seemed to come from times past to carry a special message for me.

Right that moment something shook my core, at 12 years old. The realization that my mother wasn’t just my mother.

She had been a young woman.

Someone’s sister.

A girl.

Someone’s friend.

My mum…

Her identity shifted right before my eyes into a multi faceted being, and this in turn led me to reflect upon my own identity. The many identities each woman possesses.


When we embarked on this adventure and Milola became a reality, we knew exactly the name that would carry us forward, as no other name could, and you now know why.

Milola represents the very soul of our family’s lineage, the essence of who we are. We feel a sense of purpose, responsibility and honor towards it. It is a joy to build on it.

But regardless of its origin and its significance to us, you should know that Milola is a name that goes beyond the personal, because it transcends the reality that our cookies and our history represent.

Milola, both in our work processes and the final result, embraces all identities through a food philosophy that doesn’t exclude anyone from the generous table. Our gluten free, dairy free cookies, all 6 flavours, are but an example of this. 

This is a tale of effort, dedication, love and generosity. Now are cookies are a part of your identity too, whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you suffer from food allergies or not.


With every cookie queremos desafiar limitaciones, romper barreras, desmantelar mitos y construir puentes entre aquellos que sufren alergias y los que no.