you ask, why gluten free?

At the heart of Milola is the desire to live a full, delicious life.

Milola Gluten-Free Family

It’s about friends, family, neighbors — even strangers!

The good times that occur around a table, with family and friends, are, without a doubt, the true essence of life. There may be many personal circumstances that differentiate us, but if there’s something that unite us all and bridges any distance, that would be food. In our travels to different cultures around the world, we have found, without exception, that common bond: the happy hubbub of the neighbourhood markets, the laughter and honest confidences that arise spontaneously around a table.

When a person suffers from any food intolerance that gift is shattered, leading to unnecessary exclusion and, yes, loneliness. This exclusion is unintentional, and usually the result of an uninformed market. Wheat is essential to baking, right? And old habits die hard. Tradition is an even harder contender. Or is it? We certainly don’t agree. We wish for everyone to gather around a generous table, and work every day to make it happen.


It’s about removing barriers and limiting beliefs.

We believe, historically, that wheat has commanded our diet because, simply put, it’s been massively cultivated. It’s been readily available, and is affordable. Sure, it nimbly performs in baking, but this wheat dominance has created a habit that has trapped us into thinking it’s the only way to make good pastry and bread. However, opening our minds and broadening our views allows us to discover that the earth provides us with an extraordinary variety of grains that can bring nutritional value and pleasing flavor not only to those who suffer food intolerances, but to the general public as well.

Milola was born with the desire and intention to challenge these boundaries.

We don’t want to convince you with long speeches. We would much rather seduce the palate with nutritious and scrumptious cakes.

Milola Artisan Bakery is the result of our love for food and our interest in health. Forever seeking the balance between nutrition and sheer indulgence, we have created a delicious and varied selection of cakes, cookies and bread — using the very flours listed below. Handcrafted every day with ample time and equal passion. Made by a group of people who adore cooking as much as eating.

Flours we use include:

Sorghum /  Teff  / Millet /   Rice  / Buckwheat / Quinoa / Almond / Hazelnut  / Linseed / Psyllium

It’s about sharing the spotlight with brilliant collaborators.

Flours aren’t the only stars. With an abundance of fresh produce, raw cane sugar, agave, maple syrup, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, we at Milola are set on showing you that gluten-free baking gives new meaning to our beloved Mediterranean diet.

Variety holds the key to great enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle, we believe that grains such as sorghum, millet, quinoa, teff, rice and buckwheat are not just a salvation to those suffering from gluten intolerance, but an excellent alternative to us all, due to their nutritional value and amazing flavor.

But we are not trying to convince you. Invite your friends and family over and give Milola a try. Let yourself be seduced. Minds and taste-buds will be blown. Cheers!

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