Do you own a Hotel, Deli, Restaurant, or Coffee Shop?
Run a school, plan events, or cater office luncheons?
Whatever you need, Milola helps you satisfy a wider client-base.

Gluten-free Cookies from Milola distribution

We can no longer ignore the need for a menu that doesn’t exclude the needs of so many. Eating habits are changing. It is increasingly common to find your customers have special dietary requirements due to food intolerances, allergies, or just simply because they’re more health conscious. They care more about nutrition — and seek to balance the enjoyment of food, with well-being.

For that reason, we bake goods that helps you satisfy your modern clientele.

Through a carefully curated collection of incredible cookies, brownies, muffins and breads (made with whole gluten-free flours, no refined sugar, no trans fats, corn-free, lactose and dairy-free options, vegan options, — all packed with flavor and fresh ingredients.

Your customers are going to go wild!

Milola means complication is taken off your plate.

If you’d like to offer Milola’s products to your customers, please contact us at: to start working together. We are looking forward to connecting with you.