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Milola’s beginnings: a very singular coffee shop in Mataró.

Apr 20, 2021 | What you don't see | 0 comments

Milola began its days with a very singular coffe shop in Mataró, barcelona. many of you know about this period and some don’t, so today we’d like to tell you more about our origins.

Before becoming what we are today, we planted the seeds of change with a unique gluten-free bakery/coffe house that had wholefood living at its centre. 

Our passion for food, ingredients, and research on gluten free living was the driving force behind opening this coffee shop. 

Which is how we came to create an absolutely magical space to enjoy healthy, inclusive baked goods, where no one was left out of the generous table. 

Our return from London, where we lived for several years, coincided fully with the 2009 crisis. Mataró was one of the cities that suffered the most, due to the decline of its important textile industry.

What followed was a few years of developing our own philosophy towards food and baking in particular. The return was a bountiful harvest of experiences, relationships, recipes, people coming together and visitors from all over, as word of mouth played its magic. Those who stepped foot in Milola, recommended it. 

Sharing our beginnings, like where the name of our brand comes from, allows us to open a window through which you can see what’s behind our cookies. 

Those were precious years to test, incorporate and mature ideas and projects that in time have become the basic ingredients of what Milola is today. 

What were the main gifts from our first coffee shop?


Hands down, direct contact with our customers. Sharing with them our love for healthy baking, listening to their stories, their requests, their wishes. That kind of feedback is invaluable for any project.  

Testing our recipes, developing new product lines and understanding how to take them into the distribution market. Following our dream to bring them to every home. 

Because offering delicious baking goods suitable for everyone in such a setting made us an active part of a massive change towards a healthier living.  Our customers became aware for the first time that a different type of bakery was possible. 

Finally, this is where a love story started with the stars of the show: our cookies.

The essence of what Milola is today can be traced to those years without a doubt. 

The same care we put dressing our windows and offering a beautiful environment we have now transferred to our packaging.  

The recipe for our cookies, for example, continue to have the exact same base. We’ve just improved them for a higher production.  

The rest of our extensive bakery collection will be share with you little by little through this blog. And more lines will come to the market. 

The Milola coffee shop in Mataró meant so much for so many people: a place for the community to meet, for families to enjoy together, pilgrimage for people from all over.  That space of generosity and creativity keeps beating strong in our memory. 

Grateful to have lived those wonderful years, Milola today has a national and international distribution, with multiple sales channels that allow us to continue bringing the best gluten free baked goods to thousands of homes. 

Milola’s humble beginnings in the coffee shop in Mataró were plenty sweet, and from there we jumped into the world, as we tell you in this interview from a while back. You can read it here.

Now, we continue to improve and innovate, and we’re so happy that you’ve joined us in this next phase of Milola. 

It just comes to show that what you cook with time always tastes better. For us, food and all of its processes are a way of understanding life and being in the world.



With every cookie queremos desafiar limitaciones, romper barreras, desmantelar mitos y construir puentes entre aquellos que sufren alergias y los que no.